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Publishing professionals know that authors face barriers to getting that publishing contract. But what if you understood what agents, publishers, editors, and readers really want? Sometimes we don’t know why our manuscripts receive rejection letters, leaving us lost and frustrated in our writing careers. As authors, we have all felt the sting of having those doors slam, blocking us from our dreams of publication. This is the resource I wish I had when I first started in the literary industry. Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers, Winning the Hearts of Agents, Publishers, Editors, and Readers gives you a guided tour at how to pique the interest of each type of publishing professional by sharing the secrets to unlock each “gate” within the industry. Gain the skillset and tools you need to successfully publish your future bestseller.

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I understand your desires to publish that book or produce that movie. What if you had a plan and the resources to achieve your dreams? No matter what obstacles you face that leave you feeling rejected and frustrated, I believe in you and your ability to overcome any adversity because I have been there. Having mentored authors and screenwriters for over 15 years, I can help you find the best outlet to live financially free and bring all you’ve imagined into reality.

We all know the story...

I integrate authors and other creatives with the concepts of Author Legacy and financial sovereignty. Cinderella’s father loved her very much. But when he died, he died without a plan for her. All his wealth went to the evil stepmother, and Cinderella lost everything. For those of us without a fairy godmother or charming prince to save us, how do pull ourselves out of financial devastation?