Rowena Kuo

I am the CEO of Brimstone Fiction, which is a traditional publisher of speculative fiction, Brimstone Books and Media, which traditionally publishes all other genres, plus films, audiobooks, screenplays. and Brimstone Fire, which is our hybrid publishing arm. I also have a talk show called Don’t Be Cinderella, which integrates authors and other creatives with a passion of mine, ending world hunger, poverty, and homelessness through Financial Literacy.

Our Story

I am a traditional and hybrid book publisher. I am looking for editors and other author service representatives who can help authors with their manuscripts to achieve success throughout the publication process and beyond. I seek acquisition editors, copy editors, proofreaders, and pub board readers. I have a stack of submissions and would like to publish them. I’m looking for fellow visionaries and colleagues who want to have excellent stories for readers.

Meet the Team

I am also a recruiter in the financial industry. I am recruiting future financial professionals to train them in helping people with their finances: Author Legacy, asset protection, saving on taxes, tax advantaged college planning, retirement solutions, and estate planning. I am looking for visionaries to partner with educating 50 million families by the year 2050. If you’ve thought about a potentially lucrative side business to supplement your income while helping others, I can help you with all the training you need to get licensed in your state.


Brimstone Fiction

Brimstone Books and Media specializes in fiction and non-fiction novels, as well as films.

Brimstone Fire is our hybrid publishing program. This is a collaboration between the publishing house and the author to produce the work.

Brimstone Fiction is a traditional publisher for full-length speculative fiction novels in the categories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural Thrillers, Suspense, and Mysteries. Brimstone Fiction is the umbrella publisher of Brimstone Fire and Brimstone Books and Media.

Don’t Be Cinderella

Don’t Be Cinderella

Tell me your Cinderella Story. How did you overcome adversity to become the person you are today?

Financial Sovereignty

Your Financial Future

Let’s discuss ways to get you and your family out of debt, making more money, saving for your future, and protecting your assets, with less taxes, and more financial control.

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